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  • Personal Injury: We're working with personal injuries, which are basically minor wrongful conduct torts, thus being out of the criminal hearings reach.
  • Free consultation: Would you like to speak to one of our lawyers before you hire us? Just choose the topic and we'll be more than glad to answer any of your questions!
  • Fields of Expertise: Our law firm has been in this business for over 25 years. This gives us a unique experience in many legal fields

This nationwide retailing chain has been among our clients for many years. Most recently we’ve been able to settle an intellectual property case in their favor. That one has been one of the most complex, paperwork filled and complicated cases in our firm’s entire legal practice… Eventually, due to all the information we’ve gathered, the settlement in favor of the client came in.

Over the years of our law firm’s, we’ve achieved an astonishing rate of 98% of positive verdicts rate, which beats any of our local competitor’s margins by double digits…  Even if we’ve tried to, it would have been an awfully long of a page to list all of the 98 hundred cases we won, helped to dismiss, drop or settle in those 27 years.  These are our most recent victories, which we’ll be updating regularly with newer ones…

Result: Settlement

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